Buying a House in Canada, Toronto

Ever feel like you want to buy a house in another country so that you can start a new life? In this article, we recommend for you to move to Canada as there’s a lot of benefits starting with low crime rate, legalized gay marriage, a lot of diversity in the country, a handsome prime minister and many more that you can think of.
In this article, we’re going to give some reason on why you should buy a house rather than a condo in Toronto if you’re curious about it consider reading this article to know what those tips are.

Green Thumb

HobbyIf you like gardening or at least have a dream to have a backyard filled with flowers and vegetables, then there’s no better reason to buy a house. You can try to grow a mini-garden in your apartment, but it will never beat the feeling of taking care of your garden in a backyard.
If you want to have a garden, then you have to buy a house, as a mini garden will never do.
A tip from us is to know that Toronto has four seasons, you have to know them just in case you’re going to grow specific plants that depend on the seasons.

You Don’t want Amenities Fee

If you don’t like going to the gym or the pool, chances are you won’t like staying in a condo as they provide those facilities. Sure you don’t have to go, but you have to know that the monthly maintenance cost is for the gym and the pool as well, whether you abuse the facilities or not.
If you don’t want any amenities fee in your bills, steer clear from a condo and start looking for a house instead.

You Want a Backyard for Your Kids

PlayingAs we all know Toronto has four seasons, which means there are winter and summer included. If you want your kids to play around, then getting a house might be a good idea.
If it’s snowing, kids will get impatient on getting ready and not to mention going down from a condo will take approximately five minutes from the lift, and by the time they are done playing in the snow, they could get sick when they have to take the lift to the condo. A house is much better as it has a backyard, which your kid can play around while you keep an eye on them.